Glash sandwich with cheese, turkey and mozzarella

Glash sandwich with cheese, turkey and mozzarella
    0.5 kg spit (cuttlefish and calamari) skin free
    3 onion seeds
    3 finely chopped garlic cloves
    Finely chopped Roman pepper
    2 tomatoes
    3 chopped parsley
    Oudin celery
    Lemon slices
    Suspended as latency
    0.5 Suspended Harissa hot
    Hanging oyster sauce
    black pepper
    Water for saliva
    Paper Glash
    Roomi cheese
    Mozzarella Cheese
    Yolk eggs
    In the pot of fire we put a suspended oil in a sauerkraut with a quarter of a quarter onion with a quince, black pepper and lemon slices, then add water and let it boil

    Wash the spit and cut and place the boiling water in half boiling water and then drain from the water

    Nfrm onion smooth, and put in oil frying pan, stirring onions with garlic and warm herring with black pepper and salt until it withers

    Then add the pepper, add the spit with a quince, black pepper, salt and oyster sauce, leave it two minutes and then peel the tomatoes and cut small cubes and add

    Let them ripen and finally add the chopped celery and parsley with the turkey cheese and toss them well

    We take two sheets of gelach and put a portion of the stuffing in the middle and put the mozzarella cheese on it, then turn the sides on the stuffing, damage the sandwich,

    And the egg yolks fail with hanging water or milk and dry the face of the flash, and enter the oven hot temperature of 180 degrees to become golden color and can open the grill flour

    It is served next to a French fries and yoghurt salad with the choice of Bahna
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